Friday, October 9, 2009

My Latest Obsession

I've been spending an awful lot of time on Facebook. Not to chat, or to do anything else, but to use a facebook application. (FV - hint, hint, hint! Still don't get it? Read on)

Everyday, in class, it is very common that people have this kind of conversation:

A: Oh shit! Oh my God! I can't believe I forgot!

B (frantically): What?! What did you forget?

A: My strawberries!

B: Your what?

A: S-T-R-A-W-B-E...

B: I know strawberries. But what about it?

A: My three rows of strawberries, I planted them last night in my farm-

B: Lalalalal! I don't want to hear. Lalalala.

Oh yeah its this bad. (STILL didn't get it? Fine. I'll tell you.)

For all the clever always - facebooking people, you're right. Its Farmville. (Still have no idea? Check this out). It's so crazy, that my sister finds it very thrilling to choose the seeds I want to grow and harvest my crops. *cough - cough - So does my mom- cough - cough*. *cough - cough - I - think - cough - cough*

My dream farm!

 I know, you'll have to play the game to understand what I'm saying.But seriously, this is what I've been doing all day. I'm going to Delhi for a vacation. I know. I can't help but not play this extremely addictive game. Are you crazy? There is no way I won't be. I will find a way, by hook or crook!

So, I told my best friend in Delhi to get ready to face a major FarmVille addict, and to keep her computer on even at 3 am. Oh, yeah, its this addictive. Manav (the guy mentioned in the earlier post) plants a whole field of rice at 7am, goes home at lunch, harvests his strawberries, and when he finally goes HOME, he harvests his pumpkins and milks his cows. Then an hour later he harvests his rice, and just before going off to sleep, he sows his bell peppers. Oh, he's not the only one who does, that everyone in our class does it. Yeah, they do. No, really don't roll your eyes. I'm not exaggerating. Even a little.

Why? Whaddaya mean why? 

Fine. I'll tell you why. Check it out yourself. You'll be amazed at how true I am.


toshali said...

how cool i just cannot get to farmvliie mdon't know why?

Sourendu said...

Farmville! Why don't you just put some manga on your blog instead. Way cooler than FV.

And, after your are done with that, maybe you could translate Zaxpeer's sonnet 37 into something understandable:

As a decrepit father takes delight
To see his active child do deeds of youth,
So I, made lame by fortune's dearest spite,
Take all my comfort of thy worth and truth.

Maybe you could even blog that.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree...I am an addict too!!

rohini said...

hey i also think it may be an addiction as i remember my frnd sitting in US called me and and said to create a FB account and accept her farmville invitation..its crazy i yes it was an addiction for her..though i have nt played it as yet..but after reading ur post will definitely try once...

Sakshi said...

Oh I have missed so many of your posts?? I thought you were busy with studies or something like that :)

Blimey, glad that I don't log on to FB often and even when I do I ignore all those FV suicide bomber friends of mine!!! I don't need an addiction at this moment and thanks to posts like yours I can see how bad it can get...heeee

A Solitary Writer said...

Indeed it is an addictive took me so much "No"s to overcome my addiction. But Thankfully I am out of it. You don't get time for anything once you start FV.

BTW..Nicely Written!!


i tried to be addict of it...but could not....i think, am little impatient...-(